Travelers Club Bella Caronia Deluxe




Price: $69.99 - $44.99
(as of Oct 06, 2023 11:50:52 UTC – Details)

Bella Caronia Luggage: 20″ Carry-On, 3 Piece Luggage Set, or 7 Piece Luggage and Travel Accessories Set
The 7-piece set is a comprehensive option, featuring three different-sized suitcases: 28″ check-in suitcase, 24″ check-in suitcase, and a convenient 20″ Carry-On Spinner Luggage, providing ample space for various travel needs
For those seeking a slightly smaller set, the 3-piece option includes the 28″ suitcase, 24″ suitcase, and 20″ carry-on, still offering plenty of versatility for different travel scenarios
Customers also have the flexibility to choose the carry-on only, perfect for shorter trips or as an add-on to an existing luggage collection
Each piece in the Bella Caronia Deluxe set embodies Amanda Caronia’s unique artistic style, inspired by the natural world, bringing beauty and inspiration to travelers’ journeys