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🌈Sensory and Cognitive Harmony: The combined sensory experiences of sight, touch, and motor skills while using “”Pom Pom pictures”” form a harmonious foundation for cognitive development. As children immerse themselves in creative play, they naturally strengthen their sensory processing abilities, promoting cognitive growth and learning.
🧩Double-Sided Pom Pom Cards :Pom pom number cards provides children with a fun and interactive learning tool. By filling the pom poms into the holes on the number cards, kids not only learn numbers and colors but also engage in size comparison, fostering cognitive skills and mathematical concepts.
🌟Visual Stimulation through Colorful Pom Poms: The vibrant and diverse colors of the pom poms captivate your child’s visual senses, enticing them to explore the world of hues. As they arrange and mix the pom poms on the background board, they develop color recognition and appreciation, fostering a deeper understanding of the visual world around them.”
🤗Tactile Delight with Plush Material: The plush texture of the pom poms provides a delightful tactile experience. Children naturally gravitate towards touching and feeling various textures, and the softness of the pom poms engages their sense of touch. This sensory exploration enriches their understanding of different tactile sensations, contributing to sensory integration and refinement.
👐Fine Motor Skills & Hand-Eye Coordination: Delicate handling of the small pom poms crafts improves fine motor abilities, helping children pick, place, and arrange the soft balls effortlessly. Watch your child’s hand-eye coordination flourish as they place colorful pom poms on the background board with precision and focus.
📲Scan QR Code for More Fun: You can also scan the QR code on the packaging to print more art creative pictures and explore additional ways to play “Pom Pom pictures” with your child! We believe you and your little one will cherish these moments of playtime together.
🎁Perfect Gift for Kids : Versatile for Any Occasion! Give the art craft kit gift of creativity with “Pom Pom pictures.” Ideal for preschool,birthdays, holidays, playdates, and more, this toy sparks imaginative play and skill development for kids of all ages.