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Diamond Painting Stickers Kits for Kids, Diamond Arts Toys and Crafts for Kids Ages 8-12, 44Pcs 5D DIY Diamond Mosaic Sticker Craft by Numbers/Letters Kits for Kids and Beginners

DIY craft for beginners, Children, or anyone looking to bring a little creative flair to their life. Have a party and split the stickers amongst guests! Decorate your notebooks or desk accessories. Fun for everyone.

Package Includes:

1 Set diamond painting stickers (44 Patterns)
2 Set x Diamond Drawing Tool (Resins, Pen, Adhesive gel, Tray)

Step By Step

1. Take out the diamond kits and check whether they are complete.

2. The design of the paper is covered with a protective plastic film. When you remove this plastic film, the area of the chart will be sticky. DO NOT remove the whole piece of plastic at once. Instead, slowly remove the plastic film while you are working.

3. Find the corresponding diamond bag according to the numbers or letters and put the diamonds into the tray and shake.

4. Use the penpoint to adsorb diamond and paste it to the correct place marked on canvas. It is easiest to start at the left top of the design. And remember, if you take a break from your project, re-cover your work in progress with plastic foil. This protects your project from collecting dust or drying and losing stickiness.

5. After positioning the last diamond, put the protective plastic film over the top of the painting. Then put some heavy books on top of the canvas overnight or just gently rub the canvas with your hands instead.
Diamond Painting Stickers ♥ – These kits are a very good DIY parent-child art activity. It can provide a sense of achievement, improve hand-eye coordination, and enhance the perception of color. Suitable for ages 5+ and beginner or experienced crafter.
Diamond Art for Kids ♥ – These diamond painting stickers are a perfect decoration that can be stuck onto the items you want to decorate, such as cups, pen holders, piggy banks, notebooks, laptop, bags etc. These stickers are waterproof, but it is best if they do not to touch water frequently, otherwise the glue will lose its stickiness.
Crafts for Kids ♥ – Kids DIY Craft with Good quality resins that are matched to color codes. These are pretty cool as they can catch the light at different angles and sparkle. Come with round shape.
What’s in the Package ♥ – This DIY diamond painting stickers kit includes all the materials needed complete 44 stickers: 2 Diamond painting styluses, 2 Gem trays, 2 Clay squares, Colors gems. It’s not finished. You need to do it yourself.