Diamond Painting Kits for Adults




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Diamond Painting Description

Diamond Painting is getting more and more widespread in the world.sometimes called diamond art ,5d diamond painting , painting by diamonds,diamond art painting

Both old and young, that have started this hobby and it isn’t hard to understand. The diamond art is both fun and easy. This meditative and relaxing process is a great way to unwind while also expressing your creativity.

Diamond Painting kits gets described as a mix of paint-by-numbers and cross stitch. You use the small piece that are cut in facets, these are the diamonds or drills for short. The diamonds you put on a canvas that has adhesive on the canvas comes pre-printed with symbols

On the left and right of the diamond art painting canvas , there are color table for reference, choose one color to start ,then find the corresponding symbol.Use the diamond painting pen to dip on the wax to pick up one diamond to dot on the right symbol place one by one

What included in the diamond painting for adult package ?

1.The diamond painting canvas will have the design pre-printed and the top layer will be sticky.

The diamond art canvas comes with a plastic cover. Kindly note peel back a small section of the plastic film to work on at one time. It’s best and easiest to work on a small section at a time. It is important to keep the canvas covered when you aren’t working on it.

2.The diamond art for adults include 30% extra diamonds in the kits ,so you never run out of your favorite color while painting.

3.One plastic tray to hold the diamonds. You’ll dump out the diamonds onto your tray, one color at a time.

4. One wax for diamond art kits to insert in the pen . Always remember to add a little wax if the pen seems can’t pick up the diamonds anymore.

5.After the pen pick up diamonds,carefully press the diamonds on its corresponding symbol on the canvas.

HIGH DEFINITION CANVAS Diamond painting kits made of high quality waterproof painting canvas, symbols and letters are very easy to see and read. The picture quality reduction degree is very high.So the 5D Diamond painting let you create beautiful art like an artist.Cause DIYDECORFUN diamond painting kits adopt glue filling, the adhesive layer is so strong that the diamond not easy to fall off and can be stored for many years
ADD JOY TO LIFE DIY Diamond painting kits can improve hands-on ability, reduce stress ,ease emotions, experience a sense of accomplishment, enhance self-confidence and cultivate patience, suitable for adults, the elders and children.The completed diamond art popular for home decoration.As gift to friends, lover,family members also a perfect choice.
WARM PROMPT Keep the diamond art for adults in shade and dry place if not play. Once begin dot the diamond art, please remember not expose whole painting . Finish one part by another will be a good way to keep the diamond painting in good condition.More diy diamond painting tips , welcome contact us
SERVICE We pay much attention on your use experience, If you have any trouble when you using diamond painting, please contact us in time ,we will respond within 24 hours. Your satisfaction is our goal