BEEYUIHF No-Clean Soldering Flux




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How to use electronics flux: wipe the electronic components and their Printed Circuit Board clean before soldering, squeeze the right amount of flux on the surface of the components or wire, heat up the soldering iron to 200 ℃ or more, and then the tin will be melted in the solder. After adding flux, it is very easy to put on the tin, and the structure of the solder joint is very full and strong and bright.
The most prominent role of #8403 flux is to remove oxidation,soldering flux is a kind of chemical substances to promote soldering, have to remove the surface of the solder material oil, remove the oxide film, increase the role of the soldering area. Flux paste also has the role of protecting components and preventing re-oxidation. Flux is an indispensable auxiliary material in soldering and repair, to achieve better soldering and repair results.
#8403 solder flux main function is to reduce the surface tension generated by the contact between the solder and the lead pin metal, enhance the surface wetting force, and enhance the penetration of the organic activator, which is the key role of flux. Flux paste is fine and white, with very little residue, and can achieve the performance of No clean.
#8403 soldering flux paste product applications: applicable to sensors, wires, motors, fuses, connectors, metal shells, lighting, electronic components, SMT repair, BGA chip ball implantation, etc.