Necessary Trekking Equipments

While on trekking, you will not get the same level of comfort as you would at your home. This is majesty of trekking and to be more adventurous.  But there are some requisites that trekker should consider before making any trekking trip. The trekkers should be equipped with all necessary elements and supplies.

You can find good quality trekking gear in Nepal; however they are not purely original. Below is the list of all trekking gear that you need while trekking in lower or higher altitudes. Please make sure you will have enough trekking gear from following list.

Please note that you main bag is either carried by porter or yak which you might not have access during day. Hence it is recommended to carry separate bag by yourself with all necessary stuff like water bottle, Personal first aid kit, sun cream, sweater or down jacket, rain parka and lunch box.

For All Treks

For Treks Going Above 4000 m

  • trekking or running shoes
  • camp shoes or thongs
  • socks – polypropylene
  • A pair of Track shoes to wear in the camp site
  • one pair of sandals to wear in the cities and camp
  • mountain trekking boots
  • socks, wool, to wear with boots
  • socks, light cotton, for under wool socks
  • down booties (optional)
  • one pair shoes when boots are wet
  • down or fiber – filled jacket
  • jumper or pile jacket
  • hiking shorts (for men) or skirt
  • waterproof jacket, poncho or umbrella
  • hiking pants
  • T-shirts or blouses
  • underwear
  • sun hat
  • swimwear (optional)
  • insulated pants
  • nylon windbreaker
  • nylon wind pants
  • long underwear
  • woolen hat (or balaclava)
  • gloves
  • gaiters
  • A tracksuits – useful for in the camp and tent
  • Two cotton T-Shirts
Other EquipmentMiscellaneous Items
  • rucksack
  • sleeping bag
  • water bottle
  • torch (flashlight), batteries & bulbs
  • Duffle bags or kit bag to carry gear while trekking
  • goggles or sunglasses
  • sunblock for lips
  • Optional Equipment
  • Photography Equipment
  • camera & lenses
  • lens cleaning equipment
  • film (about 20 rolls)If you don’t have digital camera
Miscellaneous ItemsToys & Navigation Aids
  • toilet articles
  • toilet paper & cigarette lighter
  • small knife
  • sunblock (SPF 15-Plus)
  • towel
  • laundry soap
  • medical & first-aid kit
  • pre-moistened towelettes
  • sewing kit
  • bandanna
  • GPS unit
  • altimeter
  • thermometer compass
  • Miscellaneous Items
  • binoculars
  • books to read while waiting for planes & buses
  • if you have a porter, you will need a duffel bag with a padlock, some stuff sacks and lots of plastic bags.
  • A small duffel bag or suitcase to leave your city clothes in is also useful.