Krishna Janmashtami

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Krishna Janmastami is one of the popular festivals in Hindu religion. Krishna Janmashtami is a festival celebrated as the birthday of Lord Krishna. Krishna is believed as the eighth incarnation of lord Vishnu and powerful. This festivals is also known by different names such as- as Krishnashtami, Saatam Aatham, Gokulashtami, Ashtami Rohini, Srikrishna Jayanti. Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated to get victory of good over evil and bad power. Krishna Janmashtami take you back to those stories of war between good and evil power and always remind you that good always wins.


The birth of Krishna of was in a prison of Kansa. Krishna was the son of the Vasudev and he decided to give his son Krishna to his friend Nand and save his son from the grab of Kansa. The childhood of the Krishna was passed in Gokul and after being big the Krishna finally killed his cruel mama Kansa. As well as in history the Lord Krishna played an important role in Hindu epic Mahabharata (legendary battle in Kurukshetra) and also highlights the theory of bhakti.

Generally the celebration of Janamastami is perform during the midnight because it is believed that Krishna was born in the midnight at that time it was dark, stormy and windy night which is consider as end of rule and violence of cruel king Kansa.

In this day the devotee take fast and worship Lord Krishna by offering the milk product like curd, makhan which are favored of the Krishna. The devotee gathers together and celebrated the festival by singing and dancing on the Bhajan of Krishna as well as the people performs the state performance of life-cycle of Krishna. The people decorated the temples of Krishna in Patan, Krishna temple of Narayanhiti and other Krishna temple of Kathmandu valley. The devotees sing dance and exchange gifts to their family and relatives. Mainly at the midnight when Krishna was born the devotee start doing Aarati and sing the song. They enchant Slokas from the “Bhagwat Gita” and sing religious songs (Bhajans) and make the environment enjoyable. Mainly in this festival the temple of Patan Durbar Square is more crowded and decorated with lights and keeps the night wonderful of Lord Krishna birth. The devotees gather in the temple and offers flowers, foods and sweets to the Krishna idol.


If it is not possible to go temple of Krishna then the women celebrate this festival in their house. The people put beautiful cradle and installed the small idols of Krishna which is also known as Balgopal and worship the idol.


Nowadays this Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated with great pleasure all over the world by the Hindu religious people and worships the idol of lord with feeling and sing song.

Happy Krishna Janmashtami to everyone!!!!