Tibet is a land closer to the heavenly beings themselves, laden with rich legends and the light of enlightenment. Elevated to the altitude of over 4000m with an area of 1.2 million sq.km. , at the roof of the world, the great Tibetan Plateau, Tibet is indeed a blessed place, as holy as the heavens itself for the Buddhist pilgrims of the world. The peaceful bright countryside with its snow-covered high mountains, the vast grassland, and a lake mirror as if letting them adore and take pride in their beauty. As we follow the rhythm of the chanting prayers through the arid hills to the monasteries, is a land embraced gracefully as a pious shrine, where the spiritual air of the Buddhist realms flows as if purifying our souls, reigniting the light to the core of our very existence.


Around 25% of the Tibet, land is the eastern forest region and the southern grassland is an open land where the wild horses share their daily course with their masters on voyages of trade and hardships. It houses more than fifteen peaks rising over 7000m above sea level of which eleven are over 8000m. Scholars have long since explored the land for its invaluable age-old relics and by explorers, adventurers and traders alike. Pursued by travelers around the world as a journey to a spiritual and an adventurous rendezvous, Tibet is a land awaiting redemption, to be explored, loved and respected on its own accord.

Tibet is a journey to unravel the enigma of life for the seekers of enlightenment. Tibet has gone through a life of changes within its boundaries but still has withstood the consequences of events with great pride and respect to their own way of life, culture, and religion. It is a land of inspiration for all where people have suffered great animosity but still stay fulfilled by the love of the Gods. A paradise redefined…join us as we take you to the heights over the roof of the world and into the mystical sphere of Tibetan heartland.

Discover Tibet through the eyes of nature and culture that Tibetans have harmonized remarkably in their way of life. Go on a shopping spree in the streets and markets of Lhasa and re- live the history of great Potala Palace in its grand stature, the home of Dalai Lama. Pay homage to the abode of the Gods, Mt. Kailash and lose yourself in the richness and purity of the great Lake Mansarovar. From the buzzing life of the mainland to the heretical ways of the valleys, experience Tibet in its raw nature with us as you carve your own destinations in the Tibetan heartlands. Venture through the ancient kingdoms of Tibet to the ancient caves of Drakyerpa. The ancient relics of Guge Dynasty still maintains its majestic air around it almost lulling us back into the times when it was filled with an abundance of life and glory. Plunge into the treat of nature into the lush green valleys, with panoramic views of lofty snow, covered peaks giving life to extravagant waterfalls and some of the world’s highest lakes.

Redeem your spiritual self this vacation as we take you along the enlightened paths within the blessed valleys and mountains of Tibet with our soul-filling programs.


Tibet Tour


Shoton Festival Tour

Shoton Festival is one of the grandest tranditional festivals in Tibet. Shoton Festival is namely a feast day to have yogurt. This ‘yogurt festival’ was originally an utterly religious event, starting in mid-11th century. At that time, people sacrifice yogurt to monasteries. Since late 17th century, it had become an important festival with Tibetan opera and thangka unfolding ceremony, backed up by entertainment and religion activities. Although Shoton Festival is held in every late June or early July of Tibetan calendar, appointed Tibetan opera parties from different parts has get ready for the big day early one month ago.

Duration: 4 Days
Grade: 4
Price: on enquiry

Tibet Trekking


Kailash Inner Kora Trekking and Lhasa Tour

Kailash Inner Kora Trekking and Lhasa Tour – This is a very religious tour specially designed for the trekkers and travellers who want to experience the religious aspect of Tibet. Mount Kailash (22000 ft) has the unique distinction of being the world’s most venerated na least visited holy place. It is the supremely sacred site of four religions […]

Duration: 16 days Days
Grade: 4
Price: according to Group size

Tibet Expedition


Cho Oyu Expedition

Cho Oyu expedition is second most popular expedition in Tibet after Everest Expedition. Cho Oyu peak was first climbed by the small Austrian/Tibetan groups in 1954.

Duration: 45 Days
Grade: 2.5
Price: $18399

Tibet Mountain Biking


Tibet Mountain Bicycle Tour

Tibet bicycle tour follows the classic Trans-Himalayan trade route which is long and demanding ride on a road which is certainly amongst the candidate who wants to experience “the world’s wildest highway”.

Duration: 21 Days
Grade: 3.5
Price: $3350

Kailash Yatra


Lhasa- Kailash and EBC Tour

Lhasa- Kailash and EBC Tour – a tour specially designed for the trekkers or travellers whose aim of the tour is to experience Tibet. This is a 16 Days Tour and one of the most religious tour which will take you to almost all the main tourist atttraction in Tibet. You will experience true Tibet in this tour.

Duration: 15 Night 16 Days
Grade: 4
Price: $