Parahawking in Nepal – Paragliding With Hawks

Para-Hawking means the activity which is done by the combination of paragliding with the trained birds of Prey. Para-hawking was developed by British falconer Scott Mason in 2001. This activity is moving forward to make the interaction between the human and birds. Para-Hawking is unique opportunity to understand the environment of the prey birds which are given training by the expert trainers. The birds are trained by the same ancient method which makes them able to fly with the human and the birds can guide us to the Thermals (rising currents of warm air) which help us to stay in the air.

Parahawking in Nepal

Para-Hawking is comparatively new and extraordinary sport. Nowadays Para-Hawking is being more popular for the visitor in Nepal. Some of the prey birds are nature towering birds they have got unbelievable ability to conserve energy at the same time as flying in the sky and the birds of prey use the rising present warm air in the sky and they are able to gain height and can fly long distance without flapping their wings.


The Paragliders strap-up their capacity to consume their energy as they fly but the birds are really appreciated for their effort. Before doing the Para-Hawking the pilot or the passenger had given gloved hand and put small pieces of fragment of meat in it, then slowly the birds will come and quietly land in your hand take the pieces of meat and gradually the fly away to find the next passenger and fragmented meat. The birds will fly at the side of you for whole entire journey and at some points even landing on your hands. This makes a real experience that you shouldn’t missed it in your life. It wills one of the unforgettable movements in your life.

If any visitors are interested in birds of prey, this will be the truly amazing experience. We offer 3 different types of Falconry and Parahawking experiences for both Paragliding pilots and non pilots. This Para-Hawking is mainly done in the Pokhara Valley. The best season for doing Para-Hawking is during the dry season between September and March. Pokhara Valley look very beautiful due to the Para-Hawking and ones should not miss this sport at Pokhara.

Outline Itinerary:

Day 01: Arrival at Tribhuwan International Airport (TIA)
Day 02: Full Day Kathmandu Valley Sightseeing with professional guide.
Day 03: Drive or flight to Pokhara .
Day 04: Pokhara Valley full day sightseeing.
Day 05: Early morning you can do Para-Hawking with expert pilot.
Day 06: Return Back to Kathmandu.

Note: – From Pokhara, you can do ABC, Jomsom-Muktinath trekking, Upper Mustang trekking etc.