An oddly oblong-shaped land, Nepal seemingly looks like a country caught up between the forced high borders of China and India, desperately screaming for some air. But Nepal is more than just what it looks like, far greater than what we hope for even within its constricted boundaries. Cozily nestled in the laps of the great Himalayan range of the Southern Asia, covering a mere 147,181 sq. km area of the earth, Nepal maybe relatively small but is a uniquely diverse land, from culture to nature. Extending from the high Himalayas that crown the north, making its way through the passes of the green hills to the plain southern terrains of the tarai, this country is a nature’s wonder on its own, kindly providing shade and shelter to numerous flora and fauna species, like no other in the world. Needless to say, being home to the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest, and the birthplace of Lord Buddha, Lumbini, and with kind blessings of nature, Nepal certainly has its ground to stand proud on.


Studded with quiet a unique pattern of plains, mountains and the himalayas, there’s just no end to the limitless awesomeness of this mystical land. The altitude in Nepal ranges from the southern plains as low as 70 meters to the highest point of 8,848 meters above sea level, totally varying the climatic conditions of the land. Living upto its reputation of being a mountainous country, Nepal boasts eight out of the fourteen 8,000-meter peaks, i.e., including Mt. Everest and is a keeper of Lake Tilicho, the lake that dwells in the highest altitude of the world.

The capital city, Kathmandu, is what we believe a time machine on the roll! Be bold enough to lose yourself in the unusual narrow-ways of the city sometimes, where one moment you’ll be slithering your way out of the city lights and the other, you’ll find yourself in a city still soaked to bones in its ancient cultural glory. The medieval cities of the valley- Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur with their grand palaces, temples of exotic artistry and stupas- are the live account of the grandeur of ancient Nepal still trying to blend in and cope with the ways of 21st century. The centuries old art and architectural exposition of religious and cultural values are the treasures of the valley. A number of such sites are listed under the UNESCO World Heritage Site list, a great honour to what these places are worth for. Some kilometers away from the city crowd and you’re in for a nature’s treat! Surprise yourself with what you can discover in this city of sights and sounds. Explore your travel path in a different light, and let the mystery to your destination unfold its way. We wish you a mysterious vacation.

And here we are, offering our humble services as we take honest pleasure in welcoming you on your journey to discover your own refreshing perspective of life in Nepal. A traveler’s paradise if we may say so, however the first impression that sets in your mind as you enter the hustle and bustle of the capital may not quite live up to its reputation of a paradise. But we not only hope that we will be able to change that image to a mere blur but we know we can! With our special tour packages go crazy with adventure, breathe a sigh of relief in the arms of the peaceful nature or just play that lazy song in any corner! Unleash that wild adventurer (we know you want to!) with our adventure packages that will take you to the heights of Himalayas on that breathtaking mountain flight, get that lazy adrenaline pumping with one fall of the bungee, conquer the mighty waves of Nepal’s greatest rivers and is sure to teach you the importance of having friends near you when you hear a tiger roar in the middle of the jungle walk! If you’re looking forward to a spiritual rejuvenation, walk with us on peaceful journeys to some of the most sacred places around the country, respected and honoured by Buddhists and Hindu devotees from over the world.  So whether you’re a daredevil or a pilgrim or just an eager traveler, our packages are suited to fit every travelling soul.


Trekking in Nepal


Annapurna Poonhill Ghorepani Ghandruk Trek

Annapurna Grand Trek to Poon Hill is yet another shortest and easy trek to enjoy the natural beauty of the Annpurana region. This trekking package is best suitable for the the first time trekker of any age.

Duration: 12 Days
Grade: 4.5
Price: $855

Peak Climbing


Yala Peak Climbing

Yala Peak climbing is relatively easy and non-technical but some places needs proper attention. You can experience the steep rock Pyramid which required careful attention in last 15 meters to the top

Duration: 13 Days
Grade: 3
Price: $1399



All Nepal Tour And Holiday

All Nepal Tours is a small land locked country in South Asia. Nepal is rich in miscellaneous tourism opportunity. Nepal is the home of brave Gurkhas and ethnic and indigenous group. In Nepal you can enjoy the unique lifestyle, culture, traditional and language of people. People are of different religion, caste, culture but they have harmony for each other which attract the visitor to Nepal.

Duration: 15 Days
Grade: 4
Price: $1299



Tilicho Peak Expedition

Tilicho Peak was first discover by a team led by Maurice Herzog who were attempting to find the Annapurna I in 1950. Despite having the below 8000 m altitude, the peak is considerably most difficult and challenging to climb. In other to climb up to the Tilicho peak, several camps are set through out the trail.

Duration: 33 Days
Grade: 2.5
Price: $XXXX



Kali Gandaki River Rafting

Kali Gandaki river rafting is another short and most exciting white water rafting in Nepal. The name Kali Gandaki is given after the name of Goddess Kali (Considered as Divine Mother and at time can be destructive).

Duration: 3 Days
Grade: Adventurous
Price: $170

Jungle Safari


Parsa Jungle Safari

Parsa Jungle Safari gives opportunities to explore the nature and culture of Nepal’s Plain region. Parsa Wildlife reserves is mostly covered by Sal forests, Chir Pine, Khair, Sissoo and over 527 species of birds including florican, gaint hornbill, lesser florican are found.

Duration: 5 Days
Grade: 4
Price: $450

Bird Watching


Aqua Birds Watching Unlimited Camp

Aqua Birds Watching Unlimited Camp is the first eco-lodge bird watching campaign in Nepal which was approved by Green Globe Organization. The camping site spreed across the 10 acres of private pristine wetlands situated on the border of Koshi Tappu Wildlife reserve.

Duration: 7 Days
Grade: 3.5
Price: $699



Mountain Flight in Nepal

Mountain flight Nepal is marked by difficult terrain and it is not possible for trekker to reach remote destination by foot so mountain flight offer a panoramic encounter with the highest pick on the earth. High-altitude mountain flying has always been one of the more wonderful activities. The mountain flight are operated by the domestic airlines […]

Duration: 3Hour all total Days
Grade: 4.5
Price: $199

Heli Tour


Gosaikunda pilgrimage Heli Tour

Gosaikunda Pilgrimage Heli tour is organized for those visitors who have got limited time to spend their holiday by enjoying with nature and have got unforgettable experience.

Duration: 3 Hours All Total Days
Grade: 4
Price: $2500Pre hour