India, a country of vibrant culture, traditions and religion. From culture to nature, ancient to modern, kings to paupers, palaces to slums, India is a sight to behold, a different dimension, a world within a world. A secular republic as it states, it is a blend of almost every religion like no other in the world. And needless to say, the cultural diversity this quality brings is immeasurable.


Here is a country that treasures its history and recounts the glory of their ancestors with utmost respect. Though a republic, the great historic palaces of the Royals still stand proud and magnificent as ever. An astonishing number of heritage sites exhibiting the magnificence of great temples, and mosques, the ancient monuments and relics, historic landmarks are not just random sites for sightseeing but are also the contributors that bind the spirit of Buddhist, Sikh, Hindu and Muslim culture and traditions under the same roof.

Float your traveler’s spirit to some of the amazing cities as Kashmir, a place believed to be as grand as the heavens itself and to beautiful Himachal Pradesh, Gharwal, Darzeeling and Sikkim. The capital city New Delhi situated in the northern India is one of the leading global cities of the world, also a keeper of some of the ancient monuments of the country and has some outstanding share of architectural expositions. And how can the Indian tour be complete without a visit to the symbol of eternal love, the Taj Mahal, a heritage site filled with the aura of love, enlisted as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. From the refreshing green forest hills and valleys to the hottest deserts and from the land of High Himalayas to some of the most amazing beaches, India boasts to offer you all.

India is a country buzzing with the 21st century modernities harmonized with the age-old traditions. Put on your travelling shoes for an Indian experience to a country of immense cultural, natural and geographical diversities. Pimp yourself up in the beaches of Goa or find your spiritual path in the pilgrimage voyages of Bodh Gaya, a blessed land for Buddhists over the world, the city of Varanasi and the Holy Ganges, Hrishikesh and Haridwar, as Hindus believe the gateway to salvation and heaven. Dazed by the usual hi-fi of city life, take a little detour somewhere along the city and fall in love with the aroma of spices sizzling hot from the street vendors as you walk through the colorful city street markets and taste India the Indian way. To top it all, India is nowhere near far from the adventure spirit! Join us on thrilling safaris, rafting, climbing, trekking, you name it. Add a little spicy twist to your holiday spirit, savor it the ‘desi’ way!

So, share together with us this exciting journey and we’ll make sure we have your hands in your hour of need to make these memories memorable for a lifetime. Suit yourself to our various tour packages designed to fulfill the different tastes of our clients. We hope to see you soon!



Mt. Kanchendzonga Dzongri Trek From Sikkim

Kanchendzonga Dzongri trek is also accessible from the Sikkim, India which offers great combination of culture and spectacular views of Mt. Kanchenjunga, the 3rd highest mountain in the world. Moreover the trekking to Kanchenjunga from Sikkim gives astonishing views of other mountains such as the Mt. Pandim

Duration: 14 Days
Grade: Adventurous
Price: $XXXX


Sikkim and Goecha La Trek

Sikkim and Goecha La trek is yet another beautiful trek which takes you unto Geocha-la (4,942 m), opposite the eastern face of Mt.Kanchenjunga (8,435 m) 3rd highest peak in the world and one of the most magnificent majestic peaks of the Himalayan range.

Duration: 17 Days
Grade: Moderate
Price: On Request