193 Flags to flutter on Top of Everest

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193 Flags to flutter on Top of Everest- The chairman of World Peace Friendship Forum, Mountaineer Phurba Thile Sherpa plans to spread the message of World Peace by hoisting the flags of 193 United Nations member countries on the summit of the World’s Highest Peak Mount Everest.

Phurba Thile Sherpa the chairman of The World Peace Friendship Forum (WPFF) Nepal, who himself is a mountaineer and also a member of “Mt. Everest Expedition for World Peace and Friendship 2015” which is being organized by WPFF Nepal told the press meet that he would bear all the cost on his own which is estimated to be Rs. 1.8 million. He also told the press that his sole aim of this event is to relay the message of world peace and friendship.

“The picture of the fluttering flags will be presented to the head of states of all the countries and the Unite Nations headquarters by the mid of July” said Vinaya Shakya, Chairman of WPFF Nepal. NMA President Ang Tshering Sherpa told the press that he is hopeful that the campaign will successfully meet its goal i.e. spreading the message of World Peace.

– Source Mountaineering News (Tourism News Digest)